The retirement plan landscape is constantly changing with regulatory mandates, product innovation and new approaches to investment strategies.  These types of changes can have an impact on plan design, investment menus, and ultimately, fiduciary decision-making. DCALTA was created to help bridge the information gap on how to effectively incorporate non-traditional investments into defined contribution plans.   

There are many types of non-traditional investments and strategies that can be categorized as alternative.  Our mission is to educate others on the different types of alternative investments, their risks, benefits, vehicle types and operational issues for their inclusion.    

Our global reach includes many stakeholders from the defined contribution community, Hedge Funds, Private Equity firms, Commodity Trading Advisors and other supporting entities. 

Collectively, members are dedicated to seeking solutions to help overcome market bias and operational impediments that may limit the use of alternative investments within defined contribution plans.  Providing an ample opportunity set of investments is pertinent for sound investment decision-making. Fiduciaries need access to diversified investments when constructing plan menus, making allocation decisions and selecting/constructing plan default investment options.